Session 4

Ways to Eat Healthy

Session 4-4

How to Cope with Challenges
It can be challenging to shop, cook and eat healthfully. Here are some common challenges. Click on the ones you personally face and see some suggestions on how to cope with them.
Shopping this way costs too much.

– Use coupons.
– Buy in bulk.
– Buy things on sale.
– Grow your own veggies and fruit.
– Buy frozen veggies and fruit.
– Buy veggies and fruit in season.

Shopping and cooking this way takes up too much time.

– Shop on the weekend.
– Shop in bulk.
– Use a list to make sure you get everything you need and limit what you don’t.
– Buy healthy convenience items, like prewashed salad.
– Look for recipes for fast, healthy meals.
– Prepare your meals on the weekend or before work in the morning.

I don’t like the way this food tastes.

– Modify your favorite dishes to make them healthier.
– Choose cheeses that are strong- tasting and fairly low in fat, such as Parmesan and feta.
– Choose the best quality items within your budget.
– Choose items with a variety of flavors, textures, and colors.
– Cook veggies like green beans and broccoli lightly, so they stay crisp and colorful.
– Dress up food with herbs, spices, low-fat salad dressing, lemon juice, vinegar, hot sauce, plain nonfat yogurt, and salsa.
– Grill or roast veggies and meat to bring out the flavor.

It’s unpleasant/boring/hard to shop, cook, and eat this way.

– Learn new cooking methods and recipes from books, articles, and videos. Or take a healthy cooking class.
– Try new ingredients.
– Surround yourself with friends and family who cook, and eat healthfully.

Create A Positive Action Plan

During the week, I will:

Explore the MyPlate website to practice changing how I eat.

Record my weekly minutes of activity
Record my weight (remind yourself of your weight goal)
Keep track of my average daily calories
Learn More
Go to for more about this useful tool.